Yoga and Wellness Tools

In my Yoga and Wellness sessions we incorporate breath work, gentle movement, guided meditation, and other tools of Yoga to turn off the body's "fight or flight" response and bring peace and calm to your life.  We use Yoga Nidra, meditation, journaling and other practices to explore our long-held beliefs and decide if they are serving us or not.  Specific yoga poses and postures may be used, moving the body gently in order to connect with our bodies, to feel into the emotions and sensations and to explore and appreciate the physical bodies that are carrying us through our lives. Some poses may be more passive, allowing the body to rest, while others may be more active. No yoga experience or flexibility is required. These movements are slow, gentle and more meditative in nature. 


Private Yoga and Wellness sessions can help guide you to practice and explore which tools work best for you in which circumstances. Our sessions are a kind of roadmap so that in the future, you have the tools and resources to find your way to a sense of peace and calm in every circumstance in your life. 

I've created some of these tools to share with you to begin to incorporate into your daily practice. Click on the button below to get these tools and resources. You'll receive an email with the resources to download and keep for whenever you need it. My hope is that you return to them often, whenever you need to check in, re-center, and feel at ease. 



Yoga Nidra


A guided meditation to cultivate gratitude


A guided meditation to begin to forgive

Inner Peace

A guided meditation to discover inner peace


Gratitude Meditation

Forgiveness Meditation

Inner Peace Meditation

Journaling prompt to enhance your gratitude practice


Journal your Gratitude

Letter to You

Journaling prompt to begin a conversation with your past self


A letter to your Past Self

Your Ideal Life

Journal prompt to begin to explore living out your purpose 


Journal your Ideal Life

A practice to begin letting go of what no longer serves you

Deep Rest

A practice for deep rest, relaxation, and renewal

Inner Peace

A practice for uncovering the peace that is always and already within you


Yoga Nidra for Letting Go

Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest

Yoga Nidra for Inner Peace

A gentle grounding yoga practice


Grounding Yoga Practice

Gentle Flow

A gentle flowing hatha yoga practice


Gentle Flow Yoga

Yin Stillness

A floor-based gentle yin yoga practice


Yin Yoga Practice