Online Beginning Meditation Course

4-Week Beginning Meditation Course

Imagine how peaceful it would feel to know that 

everything in your life is going exactly as it is supposed to be going.


You trust that you already have within you the perfect response to every circumstance in your life.

You are at peace and content with what each moment brings even when the outcome is unknown. 
If you believe this can be true in your life, a Meditation practice will help you find that truth, and in this course, you will begin that journey. 
Many people struggle with Anxiety, Insomnia, Overwhelm, or just a general sense of Unease or feeling Stuck, a regular Meditation practice can help manage these and replace them with a sense of Peace and Calm.

In this course, we will explore various techniques and ways to incorporate Meditation into your daily life.


We’ll debunk common myths and misconceptions and present simple, accessible tools to help you discover the Inner Peace and Calm that is already and always available to you.