Online Yoga Nidra Course

4-Week Yoga Nidra Course

You deserve to find Peace in your life. 


Imagine a day where you wake up feeling completely rested.


What would it feel like to truly let go of worrying about what might happen?


Picture yourself feeling confident that everything in your past is exactly how it should have been.


Yoga Nidra can help. It's an ancient practice, a guided meditative practice that has been shown to help ​ease anxiety... improve sleep... reduce chronic pain... help understand and manage emotions... quiet your mind... and find a profound sense of peace and calm in all circumstances. It's even used to help treat post traumatic stress. 


This is a practice that anyone can do, simply lying or sitting down, getting comfortable and listening. There is no way to do it wrong and the benefits are numerous. 


In Yoga Nidra, the body is completely relaxed and you are taken to a state of deep relaxation physically, energetically, mentally, and emotionally.  As the body relaxes, the thinking mind fades away and awareness becomes crisp and clear. 


In this 4-week Workshop we will explore the process of Yoga Nidra, why it works, what it's like, and how we can incorporate a regular practice into our lives.