Big Goals and Living on Purpose

Last week I finished the last training for my Yoga Therapy program.

This is a journey that began for me over 15 years ago and has been specifically therapy focused for the last 5.

There were times it felt like I'd never get to this point, the time, travel, financial commitment, then throw in some personal stuff and the path to my purpose got a little windy. But everything happens right on time and so here I am.

I've completed over 800 hours of trainings covering topics including yoga therapy for cancer care, PTSD, addiction and recovery, mood disorders, diabetes, nervous system disorders, ADD/ADHD, autism, chronic pain, childhood trauma, and more.

The next step in the process to becoming a Yoga Therapist certified by IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) is to complete the practicum portion of the program.

During the next year or so I will be designing yoga therapy protocols for different conditions, creating specific individual and group yoga therapy programs for these conditions, delivering over 100 hours of group therapy, and writing up case studies for each.

I will be actively seeking clients to serve through this practice. I feel so called to do this work and share these tools and resources to help others to build resilience and heal from trauma, however that trauma presents itself.

Sometimes the first step is simply recognizing how our experiences may act as trauma in the body without us even knowing.

If you'd like to chat about how yoga therapy can help, reach out! Or if you know anyone who I might be able to serve, I'd love to connect. You can schedule a call here.

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