How to use Yoga to Discover and Live into Your Life's Purpose

There is such an opportunity to make a difference in so many lives, both for ourselves as well as the ripples we create in our families and our local community.

The current circumstances in our world have shown us that we can really come together or we can tear each other apart. It’s a choice we make, and it’s a conscious one. I want to grow a community that chooses to respond in their relationships and circumstances without reacting out of fear.

Imagine being able to diffuse any argument simply by being curious about why the other person is thinking what they’re thinking.

Imagine being able to disagree without judgement or hard feelings.

Imagine having radical acceptance of everything that we experience. To be able to explore and feel a huge range of thoughts, feelings, and emotions without fear or being defined by those thoughts, feelings, or emotions.

I know it’s possible, and I want it for everyone. I kind of can’t help but share it with anyone who will listen. That’s why I’ve created Breathe: A Community for Building Resilience and Healing through Yoga.

This private Facebook Community is a place for all of us to learn and grow together. I hope you'll join me on this journey.  

This is a community for building resilience and healing through the tools and practices of yoga. It is a safe and held space to explore, to inquire and to grow.

A place to ask:

“What’s possible?”

“What’s standing in my way?”

“What’s keeping me from living my life’s purpose?”

“What IS my life’s purpose?”

We all have within us the tools to regulate our emotions, to respond instead of react and to show up as the best version of ourselves regardless of our circumstances.

This group is a place to share, to encourage, to learn and grow. I would love for you to join us. Join the Breathe Community here.