How your Enneagram number shows up when you're under stress

One of my favorite things about the Enneagram is the awareness that it can give us about our tendencies. Not only when things are going well, but also our tendencies when we’re under stress. And when we have that awareness, we can notice how and when we tend to react and in that moment of noticing, we can pause and choose how we’d rather show up and respond.

Do you know your Enneagram number? Here’s a free test you can take to find out and read about all of the different types. There are also lots of great books and resources out there, one of the most popular right now is The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile.

If you don’t already know your number I definitely encourage you to find out. It’s such a great awareness tool for personal growth and embracing how we were designed by our creator and building compassion for others and how they were designed.

In the circumstances we find ourselves in today, it can be helpful to recognize the ways your Enneagram type responds in times of stress and in times of security.

We can use it as a mirror to see how well we’re managing our stress and what we’re working toward feeling.

It’s important to remember too, that security doesn’t have to come from external sources. Security is always and already within us, it is a felt sense that we’re going to be ok.

No matter what’s going on outside.

So learn your Enneagram type, and the qualities of your type, and then I’m going to break down each number and how they tend to be in both times of stress and times of security. See if you can recognize yourself in either place.

Enneagram 1:

  • Security - more self-accepting, spontaneous, fun, open to new things, relaxed, feels less responsibility to have to fix everything

  • Stress - resentful of others having fun, inner critic is loud, sensitive to criticism, depressed, lacking in confidence

Enneagram 2:

  • Security - engage in self-care and focus inward more, know they don’t need to care for others to be worthy, more creative

  • Stress - demanding, controlling, manipulating, blaming others, vengeful

Enneagram 3:

  • Security - less competitive, less defensive, more in touch with their feelings, less controlling, know they’re lovable for who they are not just what they do

  • Stress - Self-doubt, lack motivation, unproductive, controlling, lack confidence

Enneagram 4:

  • Security - disciplined, centered, calm, realizes they can have feelings without talking about them or acting out

  • Stress - dependent on others, crave attention, need lots of reassurance, jealous, depressed

Enneagram 5:

  • Security - more spontaneous, outspoken, present, energetic, confident

  • Stress - tend to hoard, cling tightly to things, focus on their own needs for safety, disconnected, distracted

Enneagram 6:

  • Security - less anxious, flexible, empathetic, energetic, accepting of others, trusting

  • Stress - workaholic, hoard resources for security, reluctant to take risks, project competency to fend off anxiety, jaded, untrusting

Enneagram 7:

  • Security - contribute more, consume less, comfortable with silence and solitude, serious, purpose driven, able to face fears

  • Stress - pessimistic, judgmental, argumentative, blame others

Enneagram 8:

  • Security - more caring, more emotionally connected, value others opinions, trust in something bigger than themselves, let others care for them

  • Stress - withdraw, disconnected from emotions, suspicious, uncompromising

Enneagram 9:

  • Security - goal-oriented, decisive, self-confident, take command of their lives, believe they matter, enjoy true peace and harmony

  • Stress - overcommitted, worried, rigid, anxious, self-doubting, lack motivation, reactive, procrastinate

So, did you see yourself in either of those places? Or maybe you can see that you're a little of both.

The Enneagram is just one of the many tools I use to help my clients get to know themselves. To learn how and why the act and react the way they do. To be aware of who they tend to be and decide if that is serving them, or if there's room for growth.

I'm a Yoga and Wellness Coach and I help women find clarity and make brave choices so they can shine their light in the world and feel a sense of peace knowing that they are living out their life's purpose. 

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