Letting go of what should have been

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The disconnect between what we thought would happen, or what we wanted to happen and the reality of what actually happens or is happening is where pretty much all of our suffering comes from.

Our unmet expectations make us feel out of control and powerless, when the reality is that we never were in control, we only thought we were.

It's ok to be disappointed that things didn't go our way, it's important to acknowledge the crappy feelings that we're having and to even take time to mourn the loss of the future we had imagined. But continuing to dwell on what ""should have been" only prolongs the negative feelings and prevents us from seeing the beauty and possibility that is happing now.

What if instead we were able to let go of the future we'd imagined. Instead of wishing for it to come back, we open up to the idea that it was never to be. That what is happening now is what was always supposed to happen, that nothing has gone wrong.

I've created a Yoga Nidra practice to help let go of what we thought would happen, allow space to let what is actually happening to be, and to let in the possibility of what will come. It's a 20 minute practice, all you need is a quiet place to lie down and to listen.

Click here for get the Yoga Nidra Practice.

I hope you enjoy it, I hope it helps, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. ❤️