Living your Yoga practice

Seems like pretty much all I read these days are self-help, personal development, business coaching, marketing and yoga books.

What is interesting to me is how they all seem to overlap... Because they’re all about how we show up in our lives... In our work... in our relationships... in our families.

Here are the common themes:

Enjoy the process...embrace the journey...let go of the the work and trust that God has your back...stop worrying about the future...quit replaying the right now.

You have one precious life to live. You get to choose How you live it and Who you want to be....Do the work... dig deep... and find the You that you were put in this earth to be.

Yoga is all of this. It’s not just tree pose and downward dog. We use the poses to teach the rest.

Why are you staying in Warrior 2 if you hate it?... Because someone told you to?... Because others might judge you if you stop?... Where else in your life do you stay in a position you hate just because you think you’re “supposed to”.

You always have a choice. In your yoga practice... and in your life.

Trust your intuition... set boundaries... find your True Self and live the life you’re meant to live.

Happy International Day of Yoga. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Namaste ♥️ -Ali


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