Santosha Yoga - a Virtual Trauma Sensitive Yoga Studio

I’m really excited to announce that Enrollment is Open in Santosha Yoga, my Online Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Studio experience.

Santosha Yoga is a community for building resilience and healing through the tools and practices of yoga. It is a safe and held space to explore, to inquire and to grow. A place to ask:

“What’s possible?”

“What’s standing in my way?”

“What’s keeping me from living my life’s purpose?”

“What IS my life’s purpose?”

This supportive group is a place to share, to encourage, to learn and grow. I would love for you to join us.

What does the Virtual Yoga Studio look like?

  • Two Live Yoga Classes each week on Zoom

  • More than 60 On Demand Yoga Classes - plus 2 new classes added each week

  • Online Resource Library - including guided meditations, yoga nidra practices, EFT tapping meditations, reading lists and more

  • Private Facebook Community with bonus materials and resources

  • 24 hour access to all Membership Content on desktop or mobile app

  • Monthly Q and A group call

  • 20% off Yoga Therapy Individual and Group packages

  • Bonus Workshops and other surprises

  • Over $300 value each month

What Makes a Yoga Class Trauma-sensitive?

It might be easier to explain what it isn’t before I explain what it is.

What is isn't:

  • It’s not a workout. There may be challenging components to the class, but it’s not designed to make you work up a sweat or be super flexible.

  • It’s not a one-size fits all class. You won’t be told what to do, or the right or wrong way to approach a pose. You are always given choice and options and encouraged to explore with curiosity each of those options.

  • It’s not a competition. The most advanced practice may simply be resting in stillness. It all depends on what you need today.

What it is:

  • A slower paced format with time to explore sensation with curiosity and openness.

  • An opportunity to recognize possible triggers during class and begin to incorporate coping tools in a safe environment. Learning to self-regulate.

  • A space for stillness and reflection to befriend yourself, to appreciate the journey that led you to this point and an openness to receive whatever is coming your way. Trusting that you are right where you’re meant to be.

A trauma sensitive yoga class differs from other yoga classes by offering choices and options for the participant throughout the practice. Beginning by establishing present moment awareness and practices to connect and ground into what you are experiencing here and now.

The practices of awareness, choice, possibility, and exploring our experience with curiosity can allow for a practice that rebalances the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces chronic stress from difficult experiences and allows us to experience that in any moment we can find a sense of peace and contentment within ourselves, regardless of our circumstances.

We’ve all experienced trauma in our lives. We all have old wounds, some deeper than others.

Through a regular yoga practice, we can begin to build resilience and heal these wounds. These tools can help you recognize the physical sensations you feel when triggered by an experience, allow you to become aware of how your body is responding to the stressor, restore balance in your nervous system so that you can cope with your body response, so that you can choose how to respond appropriately to any circumstance.

Santosha Yoga is an online, trauma-sensitive yoga studio experience. Each week you will have access to two live virtual yoga classes led by me,  Ali Webb,  a 500Hr-RYT Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy Student. Each class is themed around a specific topic that you may find yourself working through and each class incorporates breath practices, movement, mindfulness, and other yoga tools to build resilience and promote healing from within.

These classes are suitable for all levels of experience and all fitness levels. I will guide you through a gentle, intentional, renewing yoga practice while offering choices and options to meet your body and your mind right where you are today.

Each week the classes are recorded and available on demand, so if live classes don't fit your schedule, you will always have access to these recordings.

Your subscription also includes on-demand yoga nidra practices, guided meditations, EFT tapping practices, workshops and more.

You can join today with a 14-day Free Trial to make sure you love the new virtual yoga studio as much as I do.

I am a trauma-informed yoga teacher. Every class that I teach is trauma sensitive. That means that we incorporate these components into every practice. I’m passionate about sharing these tools so that together we can begin to teach our bodies and teach our minds - through practice and experience - that right here and right now we have everything we need.

Start your 14 Day Free Trial Today!