Why we should stop waiting for things to get back to normal

One of the concepts I’ve heard discussed in the last few weeks that has really resonated with me is this:

Why we should stop waiting for things to get back to normal.

It’s so easy to reassure ourselves that all of this is temporary and that eventually things will all be back to the way they were. If we just hold on, tread water, keep it together, it’ll all be over soon.

It’s a comforting thought, and maybe will even turn out to be true. Only time will tell how differently we live our lives after Covid-19. We as a country have changed the way we live our lives after lots of major national and world events, and we all just eventually get used to the “new normal”. But this idea is a little different.

It’s not just appreciating what we gain from this experience - though I think we will all grow so much if we choose to. It’s the thought that nothing has gone wrong.

The difference is that now, we all collectively are having thoughts that this isn’t what should have happened, not what our spring, or school year, or job, or financial situation was supposed to be.

We collectively feel so terrible for all the high school seniors, or for the new mamas who can’t have visitors, or for anyone having a birthday during this time, as if because there is a global pandemic, and their experiences are different from what they might usually be, somehow they’re not good enough.

What if we could embrace the idea that we aren’t waiting this time out so we can get back to living, but that we are living now. We aren’t just filling time until this passes, but we’re truly living the day we’re given today. Not with the caveat that it was in spite of a global pandemic, but just because it’s what the day brings.

It’s such a huge mindset shift from our usual thoughts of all the things we need to do because we’re supposed to do them. But if we can let go of what we think we’re missing out on we can also let go of the anxiety and disappointment that comes with it, and if we’re willing to see it we can find a whole lot of peace on the other side.

There are disappointments, of course there are, because we’re human and our brains like to think we have the future all figured out. But we can learn to manage our minds and make them work for us.

Here’s something I’ve been reflecting on a lot, because it’s close to home for me.

Those high school seniors still put in all the years of hard work. Not sitting through a graduation ceremony... or not playing their last baseball season... or not going to prom doesn’t change that.

Instead of all of that they get to spend concentrated time with their families, their parents who are about to send them off into the world get so much more time and connection and hugs and conversations than they ever would have with the countless “Senior” school and sporting events that would have filled their calendars from April-June.

As one of those parents, I will forever be grateful that instead of watching my baby play the sport he has loved and I’ve loved watching for most of his life, that I get to have dinner with him every night and coffee with him every morning for a few months. Something I never would have gotten to do before all of this and something I’ll never forget.

So here we are. My new normal started a few weeks ago.

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