Private Yoga and Wellness Coaching

I help women, who feel stuck in difficult relationships, find clarity in their life to know they are exactly where they’re supposed to be.


Difficult relationships can lead to chronic stress and when our body is under this chronic stress, it stays in a state of "fight or flight". This can lead to anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and an overall sense of unease. Over time, these relationships can even lead to symptoms of PTSD and other difficult circumstances.


I believe that we get to decide how we experience the challenges and difficulties in our lives... that while we have no control over our circumstances, we absolutely have the choice about how we show up in those circumstances.... that we get to decide who we want to be in the midst of our difficult relationships and circumstances...and this brings an incredible sense of peace even during really difficult times. 


If this resonates with you...


...if you feel anxiety or overwhelm because of the relationships or circumstances in your life... if you want to dive a little deeper into learning and incorporating these tools into your life...


...if you want to find peace regardless of your circumstances... to decide if the difficult relationships in your life are worth staying in or if it's healthier to move on... and to Love the reasons for your choices... Yoga and Wellness sessions can help you find that peace. 


These Yoga and Wellness sessions incorporate breath work, gentle movement, guided meditation, and other tools of Yoga to turn off the body's "fight or flight" response and bring peace and calm to your life.


We use Yoga Nidra, journaling and other practices to explore our long-held beliefs, to determine if the stories we've been told or that we've been telling ourselves for - maybe our whole lives - are even true.


We discuss and explore boundaries - that we either have or haven't set - on ourselves and others and dive deep into a connection with who we really are so that we can emerge as the best version of ourselves. To become who we were put on this Earth to be. 


Beginning with several minutes of reflection, followed by breathing practices to clear the mind and calm the body. Specific yoga poses and postures may be used, moving the body gently in order to connect with our bodies, to feel into the emotions and sensations and to explore and appreciate the physical bodies that are carrying us through our lives. Some poses may be more passive, allowing the body to rest, while others may be more active. No yoga experience or flexibility is required. These movements are slow, gentle and more meditative in nature. 


We end each session with a guided meditation practice to promote relaxation, and to help address the mental and emotional aspects of managing difficult circumstances. Journaling is an important component of this practice and is incorporated into each session. 


Private Yoga and Wellness Sessions are held at my Home Studio in Georgetown, Texas or Online using video conferencing and the Clara Bella Yoga and Wellness Online Member Library. 


Yoga and Wellness Coaching Packages


Yoga and Wellness Coaching Sessions with me, Ali Webb take place at my Home Studio in Georgetown, Texas or Online using Zoom video conferencing.


A commitment to consistent practice is necessary in order to see benefits from these tools and practices. I offer 3-Month and 6-Month Coaching Packages. We will meet either in Studio or Online. 

All packages include membership in my virtual yoga studio Santosha Yoga. This membership experience includes weekly live online classes, on demand yoga practices, guided meditations and more so that you have the tools to continue your journey between sessions. 

Schedule a call to see how Yoga and Wellness Sessions and these tools and practices can help you find less anxiety and more peace in your life.