Yoga Practice for Building Resilience

How can Yoga Build Resilience and Heal Trauma?

Yoga can help you:


  • Recognize the physical sensations you feel when triggered by an experience

  • Allow you to become aware of how your body is responding to the stressor

  • Restore balance in your nervous system so that you can cope with your body response

  • You can then choose how to respond appropriately to any circumstance


This class is It is a safe and held space to explore, to inquire and to grow.  A place to ask:

“What’s possible?”
“What’s standing in my way?”
“What’s keeping me from living my life’s purpose?”
“What IS my life’s purpose?”

We all have within us the tools to regulate our emotions, to respond instead of react and to show up as the best version of ourselves regardless of our circumstances.

Through a regular yoga practice, we can begin to build resilience and heal from past wounds.

We begin to teach our bodies and teach our minds through practice and experience that right here and right now we have everything we need.


Yoga and Meditation can help us recognize that in the present moment, we have everything we need and we are safe.


Recommended props for class (not required)

  • Yoga Mat

  • Yoga block(s)

  • Blanket(s)

  • Pillow