3 Tools for Building Resilience and Healing Through Yoga

These three yoga and mindfulness tools can build resilience and help you heal from past trauma.

Just like with any exercise, regular practice is how we start to see lasting results.

With regular practice, these tools can help you


  • Recognize the physical sensations you feel when triggered by an experience

  • Become aware of your stress response: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

  • Restore balance in your nervous system to cope with your body's response

  • Choose how to respond appropriately in any circumstance

This is called Resilience.

Let's Explore 3 Yoga Tools for Building  Resilience

Breath - awareness of the breath, taking deep intentional breaths
Grounding - present moment awareness
Affirmation - I am safe

Awareness of Breath

Observe - recognize that you are breathing, notice the qualities of the breath

Feel - feel the breath in the body, where do you feel it, is it fast or slow, deep or shallow

Notice - not any sensations or changes in the breath

Present Moment Grounding Practice

Breathe - become aware of the breath in the body

Feel - notice the physical sensations in the body, the feeling of the air on your skin, the temperature of the air, your clothes on your body, the ground underneath you.

Listen - notice the sounds around you, far away, close to you, inside your own body

Affirmation - I am safe

This is a positive, present tense statement that we want to be true in our life.

This affirmation reminds us that we are here now, that we have everything that we need in this moment, and that right here and right now, we are safe.

We repeat this affirmation often with emphasis and feeling, as if it were already true.

Closing our eyes, a few deep breaths, and repeat silently in your own mind. Believe that it is true.

Right here and right now, I have everything I need and I am safe.

Yoga and Meditation can help us recognize that in the present moment, we have everything we need and we are safe.

In this guided meditation practice we put these three tools together in a Resilience Building Meditation. I hope you enjoy this practice.

Building Resilience MeditationAli Webb
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